Bibliometric analysis of Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine (JNSBM): The Editors perspective

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Biology, Engineering, Medicine and Science Reports,2015,1,2,49-52.
Published:July 2015
Type:Brief Report
Author(s) affiliations:

K.K. Mueen Ahmed1 and Arun HS Kumar2

1Phcog.Net, 17, Buddha Vihar Road, Cox Town, Bengaluru 560005, INDIA.

2School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland-Dublin, Belfield, Dublin, IRELAND.


Bibliometric analysis is valuable matrix to understand the progress of any journal and is often essential to scope the journals publication strategy. Hence, we performed a Bibliometric evaluation of the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine (JNSBM) over past 7 years. Data from Scopus, SCImago, Google Scholar, in-house database and other indexing sites were collated and analysed. The key performance indicators were also identified, which are presented here.