General Considerations in Sourcing Herbs, Spices and Agricultural Commodities in India

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Biology, Engineering, Medicine and Science Reports,2017,3,1,9-10.
Published:August 2017
Type:Brief Report
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Sudhir Ahluwalia

Columnist, Author and Business Consultant, 107 Vardan Apartments, 64 IP Extension, Delhi 110092, India


India is one of the leading producers of herbs, spices and agricultural commodities. Pepper, cardamom, soybean, scented rice, wheat and nutraceutical ingredients in semi processed or fully processed forms are some of the key commodities exported from India to the Middle East, Asia Pacific region, Europe and the United States. To source efficiently from India, it is important to understand where these commodities are found, who grows them and how they are managed. 1,2 Some herbs and spices grow wild and require collection from forests. Forests in India are controlled and managed by state forest departments. Indian forests are managed on strict conservation protection principles. Logging of green trees is prohibited in most forests of India. The collection and sale of herbs from the forest areas are undertaken largely by state-owned forest product development entities. The collection process too is state controlled. For some of the major herbs, collectors are offered collection prices fixed by the state in advance of the collection season READ MORE...........