Operating system use Pattern in Accessing a Digital Marketing Content Posted in LinkedIn


  • Yamuna V Kuberappa Digital marketing consultant, MAK Scientific Editors, Dublin, IRELAND
  • Arun HS Kumar School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland-Dublin, Belfield, Dublin, IRELAND




Operating system, Digital marketing, Analysis, Microsoft, Apple OS, Linux, Consumer dynamics


Digital marketing has gained increasing momentum with the collateral surge in popularity of online media. In this context, knowledge about the operating systems used to access such digital content is vital, as this will help optimally formulate the digital content to ensure its compatibility with the operating systems used. Hence we analysed the pattern of operating systems used to access digital marketing content posted in one of our platforms in LinkedIn. We provide here a relative frequency of different operating systems used, which we believe will be useful for all those involved in designing digital marketing content.

The percentage users using various operating systems to access the digital content marketing posted on the pharmaceutical distributors group on LinkedIn (A) was assessed based on feedback from 954 users




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V Kuberappa, Y. ., & HS Kumar, A. . (2015). Operating system use Pattern in Accessing a Digital Marketing Content Posted in LinkedIn. Biology, Engineering, Medicine and Science Reports, 1(2), 46–48. https://doi.org/10.5530/BEMS.1.2.5



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