A Case Study on Practical Approaches to Adopting Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Yamuna V Kuberappa Digital marketing consultant , MAK Scientific Editors, Dublin, Ireland
  • Arun HS Kumar School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland-Dublin, Belfield, Dublin, Ireland




Digital marketing, Scientific language editors, Internet, Online marketing, Web based marketing, Language editors, Editing


This report describes the digital marketing strategy of SM editors (Company), which is an upcoming online enterprise offering manuscript/document editing and proofreading service to a wider global audience but specifically to non-native and/or non-English speakers. The Company being an online enterprise has decided to use digital marketing approach to enhance its business and in the process build an international reputation and brand. The initial phase of this digital marketing approach involves developing a company webpage which provides precise details of the company’s vision which is to offer editing service aimed at changing the format of scientific publications to crisp, comprehensive and clear. In addition to this vision statement the website will provide details of the services offered and an email based access to these services. Mixed marketing campaigns are planned to increase the online presence of the company and to drive its website traffic which will enhance manuscript submission and hence the business. A SWOT analysis is performed to identify the current level of business and to take necessary actions to improve upon it. Based on this analysis it was identified that the targeted potential client’s online presence and the use of proposed e-tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter will help the company to efficiently reach, connect and engage (posting quality content and interactions) with potential clients. Additionally Email marketing is identified as an essential and personalized approach for business development and to maintain long-term client relations. Approaches to knowing the targeted clients personas, the digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to the website is outlined. The plan also overviews setting up digital marketing campaign plan with steps such as goal, e-tools, strategy for selected e-tools and approaches to implementation. The success and cost effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign will be measured through analytics tool in addition to analyzing results for client satisfaction on a progressive basis.

SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats)




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V Kuberappa, Y. ., & HS Kumar, A. . (2016). A Case Study on Practical Approaches to Adopting Digital Marketing Strategy. Biology, Engineering, Medicine and Science Reports, 2(2), 39–43. https://doi.org/10.5530/BEMS.2016.2.7



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